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Finding a Family Lawyer

The right lawyer can make all the difference in both the result of your divorce and how you survive this very emotional process in your life. In other words, you want a trusting relationship.

The following are tips that can be helpful as you pick an attorney you can trust, someone who will actually listen to you and sincerely work for the best result of your case:

Look for an attorney whom you can work with. Your lawyer will serve as your partner as your case progresses. You may have to reveal sensitive or embarrassing details about your life to your attorney – things you would never dream of telling anyone. You’ll be talking to your attorney often, and you’ll have to be able to give information as well as understand legal explanations of specific steps involved your case.

As you talk to your prospective attorney, take note of the following:While talking to your prospective attorney, remember the following:As you speak to your potential attorney, keep these in mind:


Do you connect well with the attorney? Regardless of how experienced a lawyer is, they will not be right for you if you do not get along.


Ask each lawyer how you can communicate with them and how long they might be able to back to you. Pick a lawyer who will understand a client’s desire to receive regular updates on their case.

Working Around Your Budget

You should never choose a lawyer solely on money issues, but you have to talk about your costs anyway. This allows you to make plans so you can get the results you want without draining your bank account.

Experience and Expertise

It used to be usual for lawyers to handle all kinds of cases, from divorce to real estate. You would not go to an internist if you have cardiac health issues, would you?

Your Costs

The lawyer should be able to give you a very good picture of your costs. Check if there is an option for a fixed or flat fee so you can have more control when managing your budget. Unless you can get such an option, there will be no way of saying how much legal representation is going to cost you.

Settlement or Litigation?

Family law cases are almost always settled out of court. Sometimes, they actually go to court. You want a lawyer who will be equally comfortable in both scenarios. Ask your prospect about their training and experience in family law negotiations, mediation, and collaborative law. Finally, ask about their experience in taking a case like yours to court if your attempts to settle are unsuccessful.

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